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IEP - Individualized Education Program

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6 Little Known IEP Strategies That Could Change The Outcome of Your IEP Meeting...For The Better
#1:When you put your request for an IEP meeting in writing, request exactly how much time you think you'll need for the meeting. If you need an hour, request an hour. If you need an hour and a half, request it. #2: Make sure you get a written meeting notice before the meeting and read it. If anyone shows up to your IEP meeting and their name was not written on the meeting notice, you have the right to ask them to leave, and they have to leave the meeting before it begins. #3:Anyone who is attending the IEP meeting is required to stay for the entire IEP meeting unless the parent is ready to excuse them. If you are not ready to excuse them from the meeting, they are obligated to stay in the meeting. #4:You have a right to have a copy of the completed IEP, meeting notes and any other documents that were completed in the meeting before you leave the meeting. #5: Any time you ask the team for a specific service for your child, any kind of help, anything at all, and the team denies your request, you have the right to receive from them a Written Notice of Refusal. This is the district's written explanation of why they denied your request. #6:The school must work with you to schedule your IEP meeting. They must give you reasonable notice of your upcoming meeting, and give you time to prepare for the meeting, make arrangements at work, childcare, etc. The cannot force you to meet at a specific date and time. Hint: Two or three days is not reasonable notice. A week to 10 days is generally considered reasonable notice. The first quarter is over. Things will not improve unless you do something to change the situation. Call us today. The IEP Advocate407-342-9836 Info@TheIEPadvocate.com Qualify for New IEP or 504 Plan | Improve Current IEP or 504 PlanAttend IEP/504 Plan Meetings | Get the School To Do Evaluations


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