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Divorce Issues 




Grounds for Divorce in California Legal separation recognized in California




Are fathers' and mothers' rights different in California? from Cullen & Murphy Family Law in Riverside and in Temecula CA


The Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act - from U.S. Department of Justice, California follows this act. 16 pages


California Lawyers and Law Firms Near You by city, county or metro from Findlaw


Child Custody Arranged by topics from FindLaw


California Child Custody Procedure from FindLaw


The Parenting Agreement from FindLaw


Collaborative Divorce: Overview as opposed to adversarial divorce from FindLaw


What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? from FindLaw


Working Together to resolve Custody from FindLaw


Child Custody Mediation FAQ from FindLaw


Focusing on the "Best Interests" of the Child from FindLaw


Grandparent Visitation Rights from FindLaw


Court Considerations: Grandparent Visitation and Custody from FindLaw





Divorce in Florida


10 Things to Know About Divorce for Florida Residents One person muse be a Florida resident for at least six months before filing, but if neither is a resident, a legal separation is an option.


Divorce Laws in Florida




SEVEN GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE IN TEXAS One spouse must be a domiciliary for at least six months and a resident of the county for ninety days before filing for a divorce. 


Residency Requirements for a Texas Divorce


Divorce in Texas - Age for child to decide, reasons for losing custody, etc.



Washington State


Can I File for Divorce in Washington? Residency Requirements to File for Divorce in Washington (Washington State is a "no fault" state)




Attorneys Page







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