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Ten Mindfulness Techniques


  1. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’  Five Stages:  Denial to Acceptance 

  2. Pragmatism

  3. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

  4. Transactional Analysis 

  5. Making Sense with General Semantics

  6. Somatosensory Part of the Brain and Behavior, Chemicals, Emotions and Physical Activity 

  7. Placebo Effect 

  8. Bloom’s Taxonomy 

  9. Marshall McLuhan and The Medium Is the Massage

  10. Words, Questions and Grammar and Chaos


Stress and Psychoneuroimmunology Revisited: Using mind-body interventions to reduce stress 11 pages from Alternative Journal of Nursing 2006


What the voice inside your head says about you from BBC 2019 


This Is Why You Should Listen More Closely to Your Inner Monologue


2018 The Science of Consciousness University of Arizona 248 pages 


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