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Coronavirus COVID-19

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COVID-19 Begins in US January 20, 2020


COVID-19 first reported in US January 20, 2020 from sample taken 1/19/2020 in Washington state. 


By mid-February 2020 public schools began temporary closures. February 25, 2020 the CDC warns schools to plan for dismissals and closures and pre[pare for teleschool.  By the end of March 2020 over 50 million school children were impacted by COVID school closures with over 100,000 schools closed. According to Education Week https://www.edweek.org/leadership/a-year-of-covid-19-what-it-looked-like-for-schools/2021/03 up to 16 million K-12 students of the 50 million and 300,000 to 400,000 teachers were not adequately connected to the internet to conduct at home remote learning. "


July 7, 2020 President Trump hosts a White House summit featuring Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos decrying remote learning as inherently inferior to  in-person instruction, and urging schools nationwide to fully reopen buildings as soon as possible. A wide range of district leaders, teachers and lawmakers balk at the Trump's administration position..." 


July 28, 2020 American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten says teacher strikes are a option ti keep schools from reopening. 


2020-2021 Public School COVID Response 

At the start of the 2020-2021 school year four states required in-person instruction to be available for all or some grades: Arkansas, Iowa, Florida and Texas. 


November 2, 2020 research supports safe reopening.


November 7,2020 Joe Biden elected President and will take office January 20, 2021. 


November 19, 2020 New York City shifts back to a fully remote model. 


December 8, 2020 President-elect Joe Biden vows to open schools in the first 100 days of his presidency. 


December 11, 2020 Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is authorized. 


2021-2022 Florida Public Schools Response to COVID


Masks/Face Coverings
In compliance with the Governor's Executive Order 21-175, masks will be optional. 


Contact Tracing
CCPS will work collaboratively with the Florida Department of Health-Collier regarding notifications to parents of students or individuals on campuses or in school activities determined to be COVID-19 close/direct contacts.
In the event of a quarantine, students are able to continue accessing assignments through the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and district-assigned laptop.


Collier County Public Schools will not mandate the COVID-19 vaccination of students enrolled in our schools. The decision whether or not to vaccinate a child for COVID-19 rests with parents.


Virtual Learning
For families desiring a virtual learning option, eCollier Virtual Academy expanded for School Year 2021-22 to serve students from grades Kindergarten through 12. Free enrollment features local instruction and support. 

More information about eCA is available at www.collierschools.com/eca.


CDC COVID Rates 2/16/2022 from CDC Data Tracker

New York - 7-day Metrics - cases 20,898.     deaths 278,      % population vaccinated 79.6%,    New Hospital Admissions 373

Florida - 7-day Metrics -     cases 57,186.     deaths 73         % population vaccinated 69.3%,    New Hospital Admissions 831

Texas - 7-day Metrics -       cases 81,202.      deaths 1.601,   % population vaccinated 63.9%,    New Hospital Admissions 1,008




Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Videos 


Homeschooling During the Coronavirus Crisis Materials Page


Interactive Map of Coronavirus in Florida by Counties


PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic 3/24/2020 video by Dr. Jeffrey Van Wingen, Family Physician


National Coronavirus Response: A Road Map to Reopening 20 pages from the American Enterprise Institute


Fabric Face Mask Instructions from Kaiser Permanente


Mask Is a Double -edged Sword in the Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic


Coronavirus Propaganda Mimics War Propaganda from Mises Wire 


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