Research Paper Writing

Here are some mini research paper writing suggestions:


We name a stressor in a noun phrase: world hunger, global warming, weapons of mass destruction and wars, civil disturbance, COVID-19, etc. 

Connect the stressor noun phrase with a verb phrase and with a second noun phrase. Then research a stressor and develop a thesis statement about the stressor. For example “World hunger is not caused by the lack of food production and population growth.” World hunger is caused by food loss, food waste, lack of infrastructure, poor practices, poor food distribution, non human food uses, war and other problems. 


A thesis statement starts with the stressor and then connects the stressor using a verb or verb phrase to another noun phrase.  A strong thesis statement takes a stand. A strong thesis statement justifies discussion. A strong thesis statement expresses one main idea. A strong thesis statement presents a specific idea and shows exactly what your mini research paper will cover. A strong thesis statement answers a question supported by facts and reasons. A strong thesis statement makes:


Move from a thesis statement to an outline.

Move from thesis statement/outline to sources.

Move from thesis statement/outline/sources to notes.

Move from thesis statement/outline/sources/notes to rough draft.

Move from thesis statement/outline/sources/notes/rough draft to final research paper.