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Answers.com offer free downloads in a Microsoft Windows version for the Firefox browser and in a Mac version.  Go to 1-Click Answers and download the correct version for your computer.


What is Answers.com?

Answers.com is your free "one-stop shop" with instant information on over 4 million topics.   Answers.com delivers useful answers in a snap. Look up any word or phrase for the best definition or explanation on the Web. Not lists of links... just the information you're looking for.


How does Answers.com work?

Answers.com works in Gmail documents, in Gmail email, on PBWiki sites like this one,  and on other web applications.  Hold down the ALT key and left click on the word or highlight the word or phrase, hold down the ALT key, and left click on the word or phrase.


Answers.com start with 180 trusted titles from the most prestigious reference publishers, and added a patented database technology, to give you the most comprehensive page available on a subject.

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