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PB Wiki Questions and Suggestions

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PB Wiki Start here to build a wiki on PB Wiki.


Videos on "How to ... on PB Wiki


Wikis in Plain English (View This Video First)


Getting Started


How do I use PB Wiki?


New to Wiki - Editing a Tutorial for Wikiversity


Teaching with Wiki


PBwiki Educator Videos


Document Management for Educators by PBwikiWebinars


PBwikiWebinars' Videos


PB Wiki Basics


Building a PBWiki



Sample Wikis


Mr. Lindsay's wiki is a a wiki run "by students, for students."


Who can read, write, edit, administrate a PB Wiki?


This is from "Edit Wiki Settings" in the upper right of the "Home" or "FrontPage"  page.


Here's a list of the PBwiki users with access to this wiki.

You can invite other people by email address, and change the permission level of current users if you're signed in with a PBwiki Account.
User Permission level
Henry T. Hill
Naples, Florida
This is you — as the wiki owner, you're an admin.

Add users

Enter an email address here. If there's a PBwiki user with that address, we'll send them an invite to your wiki. If there's no user account for that email address, we'll invite them to PBwiki as well as granting access to this particular wiki.

Invite or add as Administrator Editor Writer Reader Page-level only What's the difference?


As the wiki's creator, you are the admin. As the admin, you are the god of your wiki. You can delete pages, change and disable invite keys for Editors, Writers, and Readers. Admins alone have access to the wiki's Settings page. Only share an Admin password with people you really trust!


Editors are trusted helpers who are super-privileged Writers. They can delete pages and files, including revisions and revision histories. Editors should be highly trusted, since they can delete your data irrevocably.


The recommended default for sharing. Writers can edit pages and revert pages to previous versions. They can also upload new files and create new pages. Writers don't need to be super-trusted, since they cannot perform any action that cannot be undone.


Readers cannot make any modifications at all to a wiki. They only can read the pages, RSS feeds, and files. They can see page revision histories and diffs. Readers don't need an invite key in a public wiki.


How do I post to a wiki page? 


Go to the page you want to post to using the link on the FrontPage.  Click "Edit" and edit the page.  When you finish posting, Click "Save" at the bottom of the page. Use the house icon at the top left to return  to the FrontPage.


What's new in PBwiki 2.0? 

  • New editor. We’ve improved the editor to be more responsive and have fixed a number of bugs (Our favorite: Bullet-pointing is now much, much easier.) -- and it works in Safari!
  • New look. The page interface is streamlined to help get your work done better.  We've designed 2.0 with the help of thousands of PBwiki users.  We also make it easy to add your logo and customize the look of your wiki.
  • Page-level access. If you’ve ever wanted to allow certain people access to specific pages on your wiki, now you’ll be able to.
  • Folders and folder-level access. This new feature will allow you to put pages in folders to better organize your wiki, and control access. A godsend for large wikis!
  • Improved logins. A few months ago, we noted how logins on PBwiki are more confusing than they need to be. In the new release, we’ll be improving logins and making it easier to track who’s doing what — and to make sharing easier. 


We've included details below.



Security & Logins 

PBwiki Accounts. Every one on PBwiki will now have a PBwiki account (email address and password). This will allow for closer control of individual users, including knowing who changed what. 


Changes to access levels. When you invite others to your wiki, they'll be invited as "Writers," meaning they can create and edit pages, but not delete them. (You can change access levels in your wiki settings.)


Access Level



Can do anything



Can edit and delete pages



Edit, revert, upload files



Can only view pages




Page-level and folder-level access lets you control who can access specific pages or folders.


Page Folder
  • On a specific page, restrict access to your co-worker and boss (but don't let Mike from sales see the page)
  • Make a specific page public or private
  • Create a folder, Marketing, and give access to the entire marketing team. Presto! Your own private workspace within the wiki. 
  • Make specific folders public or private
  • Folders currently support pages only (not files) 
  • A page can only be in one folder at a time


How security works in PBwiki 2.0

When you create your wiki, you'll choose your wiki security (public, private).


Change security settings for specific pages and folders. Maybe you only want to allow your boss to see a specific page, or you want one page to be public on a private wiki. Pages and folders are flexible enough for individual security settings. Only administrators can configure security settings, and always have full access to everything.




Improved editor. The new editor eliminates hundreds of bugs (including improving bullet points and line spacing).


Safari and Opera support. PBwiki 2.0 now supports Safari and Opera.


Better/more tagging. Tags are short phrases to describe a page. In PBwiki 2.0, we've made tagging easier by placing it right in the edit window.


No classic mode. Because we've improved Point-and-Click editing, PBwiki 2.0 does not support classic wiki syntax.




New interface. We've stripped away noisy elements of the interface and streamlined editing, sharing, and linking. 


Secure sharing. Only administrators can share the wiki with others.


Improved search. Search for anything on your wiki -- a file, a page, a word -- and the results will appear as you're typing. We don't yet support searching inside your files.



Transitioning from PBwiki 1.0 to PBwiki 2.0

"What will happen to..."


...My wiki-wide password? When PBwiki 2.0 launches, your users will be prompted to create a PBwiki Account (unless the wiki is public). Once they do, they'll be able to access your wiki using a simple email address and password.  We also working some exciting new ways for teachers to let their students login.


...Custom CSS? We've added the ability to insert arbitrary code to the header of your wiki.  This is useful for inserting things like Google Analytics or custom CSS.  However, this differs from how we used to implement custom CSS. Note that PBwiki 1.0 users with custom CSS won't be able to transition their custom designs to PBwiki 2.0.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


...The specially designed text on my wiki pages? Because of technical changes, PBwiki 2.0 may introduce small spacing/font changes to your page when you transition your wiki from 1.0 to 2.0. These will be minor, but we wanted to let you know of these ahead of time. We don't expect this to happen again at any time in the future.


...The Classic mode editor? Classic mode does not exist in PBwiki 2.0. Because we've improved our editor so much, PBwiki 2.0 does not have a Classic mode editor.


...Notifications? "If I restrict someone from accessing a page, will they still get notified about changes to the page?" No, they won't. Notifications will reflect your security settings, so if someone doesn't have access to a page, they will not be notified about changes to it.


...Bullet points? When creating a sub-bullet point, tabs don't work. Instead, use the "-->" button to create a sub-bullet point.


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